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Päästevest Crewsaver ErgoFit 190N Pro automaatne tumesinine

Tootekood: 9557201014

357,00€ Vaata klubiliikme hinda

* Hind klubiliikmele.Lisa klubikaart koos tootega ostukorvi. Kui juba oled klubiliige, sisesta kaardi nr. ostukorvis.

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It has long been known that the addition of a spray hood inside a lifejacket can significantly enhance the wearer’s safety. 
It increases visibility and protects the airway by reducing the risk of secondary drowning which can result from water inhalation.

Enter the ErgoFit+ and its halo hood system. This industry first spray hood system works with the shape of the inflated bladder 
to significantly reduce the risk of water inhalation as well as heat loss. This is achieved through improved bladder and 
spray hood compatibility combined with a new double-halo hood construction. As a result, the spray hood is fully self-supporting 
once deployed and forms a spacious cavity above the wearer’s face. The hood also includes an internal panel which further protects 
the wearer against spray whilst doubling up as an anti-glare panel, shielding the wearers’ eyes from the lifejacket light.

The renowned ErgoFit bladder is, as always, a step above the rest. With its tailored shape, the bladder distributes buoyancy 
uniquely around the wearer to maximise in-water support and airway protection. Even when wearing heavy clothing, the ErgoFit 
is designed to rotate the wearer in less than 3 seconds whilst increasing the distance between the waterline and airway (mouth freeboard).
 The sculpted shaping around the shoulders provides improved in-water mobility and with it the ability for the wearer to self-help recovery back to safety.

In addition, the ErgoFit+ incorporates a new-to-market buckle system. With its slimline design, the quick lock buckle makes the 
lifejacket easy to don and accommodates the use of a single loop harness attachment point for ease of tethering.

• Halo hood system for elevated airway protection
• Tailored window pocket, designed for full Exposure OLAS integration
• Slimline quick lock buckle system to provide easy donning
• Market leading bladder buoyancy distribution to maximise in-water support and airway protection
• Sculpted bladder profile for improved in-water mobility to aid self rescue
• A built-in inflatable chin support to help protect your airway
• Fusion 3D shape providing the ultimate in comfort
• Soft loop D-ring for attaching safety harness
• Three-layer cover construction for durability
• Easy to adjust side waist adjusters
• AIS and PLB compatible
• Lifejacket light fitted as standard
• Increased buoyancy – 290N Newtons (approved to ISO 275N)