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Pingemõõtur Spinlock 5-8mm

Tootekood: SPRGS/0508


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Rig-Sense is a new rig tension device for measuring the loads in wire or rope on dinghies and small keelboats. 
Rig-Sense is simple to use, measuring the tension directly in kilogrammes. 
Rig-Sense also benefits from being able to be operated one handed, supporting itself on the rig whilst being used. 
Quality parts ensure long term performance, consistent and accurate readings over time.

Two versions now available
Loads on both wire and fibres
Diameter range 2-5mm and 5-8mm
Direct Scale with tension output
+/- 5% Accuracy
Composite calibrated leaf spring
Stainless steel contact points
Ergonomic, robust body
Compact size, durable and light
Easy one handed operation
Carry bag included
Works in conjunction with the Rig-Sense App